Televisual Indigestion

Televisual Indigestion:
Saturated with too many pieces of news, fake news, bad news, and the empty space of no news, I made the mistake of opening and viewing one of my Christmas presents, a DVD of Brave New World, with John Hurt being tortured before the final scene with the rats. Not what you might call easy viewing, but although I’ve read the book (hasn’t everyone?) I still wasn’t prepared for the ending.

My next mistake was to catch The Silence of the Lambs the next night, which I did have the sense to turn off, one flayed body in a derelict car being enough to be going on with. Immersing oneself in horror is one way to avoid the real world. Hopkins is a brilliant actor and Jodie Foster matches him scene for scene, but it’s an incredibly nasty film.

Yet I imagine that across the land Covid is presenting us with equally gruesome and gut-churning scenes, as exhausted health practitioners grapple with the effects of the virus. So should I have chosen to watch a light-hearted comedy or romance? Perhaps.

Last night’s concluding episode of Black Narcissus, filmed on location in Nepal in a fabulous deserted monastery, promised much but didn’t deliver the full menu, just the hors oeuvres. There were so many themes – repressed sexuality, colonialism, religious self-denial, the caste system, rivalry – that the choice felt overwhelming, and several stories were begun but not continued. What happened to the little boy? The angry villagers? The holy man? It’s not that I need everything to be tied up neatly but for me, there were too many loose ends.

Sometimes less really is more. I remember staying on a hill farm in Lancashire just after the new lambs had been taken away, and listening to the cries of the ewes all night as they called to their lost babies. Now that was the real Silence of the Lambs.

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  1. Wilson Jake

    The effects of watching movies is enormous, is either you find truth or plain lies. You might me lucky watching some and find yourself sleepless because of scenes that replays in your head.

  2. Oyeyipo Oladele

    The negative impact of television on society is not more than the positive impact in my own view though. The negative effects of watching tv on the brain and disadvantages of movies are what people see. Its true that you sometime work on the negative side to get positives.

  3. Prince

    Some disadvantages of movies can be seen here but I can add nightmare and time wastage. If you dont know how to manage your time, my brother you are done for

  4. Meldred Judith

    Watching movies at this point in time is great but it’s effect sometimes are not good. Effects of watching movies at times is crucial to our mental health especially if the movies we are a bit gruesome.

  5. Alex

    The impact of movies on society cannot be understated. For one media has always been a major influence on society. Why do you think it is regarded as a 4th Estate?As media whatever shape it takes may it be movies or TV shapes cultures. That is why we should be careful what we show in it.

  6. koko

    The effects of watching movies comes in both ways both positively and negatively. But I mostly watch the one that will bring only positive impact to me.

  7. ALMA

    For me, the impact of movies on society is not as bad at it seems. I am a fan of movies and they are my escape from the stress.

  8. Danielle M

    I love Hanibal movies, and the silence of lambs is my favorite. I can tell that Anthony Hopkins was the right one for that role.

  9. Danielle M

    I guess we underestimate the negative impact of television on society. But for some people is hard to separate reality from fiction, there are people who get trapped between their job and the tv and they miss living.

  10. Joe

    The bad things about movies is that it can either bring out the best in people or worse in them. I do just educative movies though

  11. Roy

    Being detached from the real world is one of the negative impact of television on society. It can be argued however that sometimes they provide that much needed escape.

  12. Meg W

    Are there any real negative effects of watching tv on the brain? Like do there exist scientific studies that back it up?

  13. Patricia

    I think one of the disadvantages of movies is that they make us have unrealistic expectations in life. Life is not a movie.

  14. Oliver

    I think the good they bring far outweigh bad effects of movies. That’s why I will never stop watching them!

  15. Daphne

    Loose ends and unfinished stories are some of the bad things about movies I can’t stand. We are alike in that sense.

  16. Teddy

    Among the effects of watching movies that I like is that they help us cope with hard times like these. Thank heavens for movies!!

  17. Louis

    I have never understood the notion that there are negative impact of television on society. I believe it can only affect you if you allow it to.

  18. Shantel

    Affecting how a person thinks is among many negative effects of watching tv on the brain. It should be done in moderation.

  19. Anderson

    I fail to see the disadvantages of movies if any. I have always found them very entertaining.

  20. Storm

    The bad things about movies is that there are not enough of them around haha! I am such a movie junkie lol

  21. Sylvia

    The way I see it, the effects of watching movies can lead to an information overload. It’s best to be very selective with what we choose to watch and how much of it we watch.

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