RUMI and the Gnats in the Grass

This beautiful little story tells of two gnats who sought an audience with Solomon.

The Gnats were so small they could hardly be seen as they waited outside Solomon’s door. When he spotted them he summoned them into his court and asked them to tell him what the problem was.

“Oh all-powerful ruler, It’s the West Wind,” replied the first Gnat. “Whenever we try to do anything, he comes roaring along and flattens us, or makes such a noise we can’t hear ourselves think. It’s terrible.”

Solomon was quiet as he thought about this. “I can understand your problem’, he said. ‘Unfortunately, the law says I can only pass a judgment when I’ve heard his side of the story,” The gnats looked at one another.

“Summon the West Wind!’ Solomon called to his servant. The servant did as he was asked. The West Wind heard Solomon’s summons and was angry. He blew into Solomon’s court with such noise and bluster that the gnats were sent quivering into the long grass, and did not dare show their faces again.

I’ve over simplified the story a little, but the message is clear.

There are plenty of gnats trying to make their voices heard just now! Being afraid to complain about something that is a legitimate threat because of fear of reprisal, ridicule, and lawsuits, or having the complaint quietly shelved to allow an ‘enquiry’ to proceed is no way to run any country. And the gnats should know!

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