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Immanion Press.  February 2013
ISBN: 978-1-907737-50-3
Catalogue Number: IP0113.  244 pages

PRICE: £11.99, $20.99, €14.02

  • Genre: Horror/Fantasy
  • Editor: Storm Constantine
  • Interior Layout: Storm Constantine
  • Cover Art: Jack Williams

The garden of Dorelia Jones flourishes with strange poisonous plants – but her mind is as full of poison as her garden. This venom permeates everything she does. About to be made homeless, and disinherited by her mother, Dorelia plots and schemes to ensure her own survival and comfort. A marriage of convenience turns out to be anything but for her unfortunate husband, who has to suffer being ostracised by his family and then haunted by Dorelia’s murdered mother. Even an exorcism fails to rid the house of the wickedness Dorelia has unleashed.

A Gothic fantasy, craftily plotted about parasitic relationships, mushrooms and the power of suggestion.

“Dorelia Jones was really, really different from
anything I have read for ages, perhaps ever,
and I did really find it intriguing.”

“Thanks again for a very enjoyable,
gallows-humorous read.”

Dorelia Jones
The Poison Garden of Dorelia Jones

‘A dystopian fantasy, The Marsh People is about a time when village people have been rounded up and forced to live and work in inhuman city tower blocks, under the control of The Masters. Although sheltered and fed in the City, there is no freedom or human enjoyment there. One young man decides to escape, taking a neighbour’s orphaned child with him.  Freedom comes at a cost, however, as they have to fight for their existence on the marshes around the estuary, where two headed carnivorous eels wait to catch the unwary traveller.’

M. V. Williams
The Marsh People