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Playing with Words

I’ve taken to opening the dictionary at random in quiet moments and choosing one word from the page in front of me. This time the word was hag, just a finger print down the page from haemorrhoid and haeremai (a Maori greeting) and up a bit from hagberry and hagbut.

The definitions are fascinating: it’s a witch, an ugly old woman, a crone, an eel-like parasitic fish, a phosphoric light found on horses‘ manes.

Whoa!  What?

Horses have phosphorescent manes and tails?  Really?

A horse with haemorrhoids snorted haeremai as it ate some hagberries and then emitted a strange phosphorescent hag-light from its mane and tail…

I know naughty little boys have set light to horse farts… is that called hag? I haven’t seen one myself, but I imagine a horse fart, when lit, might be a pretty, cold, blueish colour.

My mind wanders.

I stabbed the word limb in the dictionary last week and found that one of the definitions was the outermost ring of the sun.

Again, whoa!

So I wrote a poem using the dictionary definitions of limb, as you do, and now it looks as though I’ll have to have a go at hag too.

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10 Responses

  1. AMAN

    The blog told well about the dictionary. We get a lot of meaning of a single word in a dictionary, and we have to decide ourselves that what word meaning will be in a particular context. So, it is like a collection of word meanings of a single word and we decide what to choose there.

  2. laura

    Yes, playing with words will need one befriending his or her dictionary. This way words to use for each occassion as it demands will be very easy

  3. Alex

    Very good word play!!!!I had to whip out the dictionary for these he he. A good way to use synonyms and antonyms. Very unique and creative.

  4. Wilson Jake

    Very interesting I must say, atimes playing with words product outstanding output. That how great piece like pèoms and music are gotten

  5. Prince

    Playing with words tells alot and help in building your rhymes. This will as well help creat wonderful and rich peoms.

  6. Meldred Judith

    It’s very inspiring, it gives you hope. It gives light to your soul and makes you go on.

  7. Rose Ann

    Haha! It made me think that those words are tongue twisters. I read the phrase “A horse with haemorrhoids snorted haeremai as it ate some hagberries” so many times now!

  8. Oyeyipo Oladele

    Interesting and cool post. I love the words arrangements in the posts. Thanks for sharing this poem.

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