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11 Responses

  1. Danielle M

    I love the fresh and relaxing style from this poem, I wish I could know what was in the mind of the poet when she/he wrote it.

  2. AMAN

    These lines of the poem sounds very pleasant. Honestly, after reading it and imagining it, it me in a different zone for few seconds.

  3. Oyeyipo Oladele

    This poem really does what I needed for my minds. It has touched me in the right section of mind. Thanks for this good poem post.

  4. Wilson Jake

    Lovely composed, I love the uniqueness of this piece. Thanks for sharing

  5. Prince

    Only you can define you or allow people rubbish you. That’s why it all you. That’s my meaning

  6. Alex

    The wind, clock and the buzzards huh? A very creative poem. I did read it twice to understand it though. this is a very poetic way of relaxation? At least this is how I read it.

  7. bright

    This is a wonderful peom, it has a very deep meaning. it will make more sense when we apply it to our daily lives

  8. David Mureithi

    This poem reminds of my time in school. I always was keen to reading poems and understanding their meaning.

  9. Pam R.

    I love how you make this writing both relaxing and stressful. Keep inspiring your readers.

  10. Emily

    Such a nice poem. I used to read poems when I was a student. Today, I rarely have a chance to appreciate a poem.

  11. Jerry

    These lines of peoms are really touching. I’m trying to understand the deep meaning. Because it means a lot to different people

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