Things are getting crazier every day. The newspapers carry stories at present that are so strange my first response is WHAT? Take this one, a piece from today’s Independent: “We’ve seen that mixing different populations of mussels can allow widespread transmission of gonad-eating worms.” Gonad eating worms? Whose gonads? Where is this happening, and more importantly, why? I have enough to deal with, with the ‘Crusty bloomers’ on sale in the supermarket, the RSPCA pies (don’t know what that’s about), fun-sized bananas, and ‘R.U. checking your manuka honey?’ Again, WHAT? It seems that not all manuka is in fact manuka. Who knew?

I’ve read (reluctantly, I grant you) about giant monster rabbits, obstacle courses for octopi (or should it be octopusses?) I’ve read something about the brainwaves of people with MS, with great interest, since new understanding might lead to more effective treatment, but I’ve only been teased with a snippet. The gender identity issues bob up and then disappear in different courtrooms in different countries, but the arguments are never explained. Ah well, the gonad eating worms will exact their revenge one day.

Lockdowns and Coronavirus are boring to write about, like being saddled with an unwelcome guest who won’t leave, so in theory any other news is to be welcomed. But don’t titillate us with snippets, give us the full works.

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