Awards –

Book reviews for counselling journal, letters and articles.

Make Up or Break Up published by Sheldon (SPCK) 2002.

The Watcher Black Lace, 2003.

Overcoming Impotence commissioned by Sheldon (SPCK), September 2003.

Poetry published in Flarestack, Lexicon, The People’s Poet, Decanto, Pulsar, Borderlines, Keele University Anthology, Three poetry prizes last year, two this year.

Unconfirmed Reports From Out There, a collection of short stories, published individually in Darkness Rising, Horror Masters, New Fiction, Dark Tales, Wild Child, Arabesque etc.

Setting Fire to the Pampas Grass chosen by NE Arts for an audiotape for the blind.

Just Me And Marilyn won first prize for an opening chapter at Birmingham Library Undiscovered Authors competition.

Prize Pelt recently won the Dark Tales horror fiction prize and publication.

The Broilerhouse (renamed The Marsh People) won runner-up in Apprenticeships in Fiction 2007.

In The Penguin Colony published by Dark Tales 2008.

Incident in a Service Station published by Global Publications 2008.

Shropshire Poetry Prize 2008

Poetry published in Liverpool Poets Anthology.

Instant Result published by First Edition 2008.

The Poison Garden of Dorelia Jones a novel, published by BeWrite publishers 2009.

River Dreams a novella, won third prize in the Yeovil novel competition.

I was lucky enough to win first prize in the Ware Poetry Competition 2011 for my poem using dialect, titled The Mooncalf and had three further poems published in 2011.


Invisible Dust,
Waiting For The Storm To Blow Over.